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So I have finally taken the leap! I guess I am now officially a blogger!

Thanks to some great examples from some of my friends & colleagues who have been blogging for some time now, I have decided to try my hand at this. I am always amazed at the information and entertainment I get from others blogs. This is my inspiration for starting my own blog. Hopefully I will be able to give back to the same online “community” that I have become a part of; whether its through passing on some of the knowledge I have gained in the architectural field in the past 23 years (more specifically in architectural specifications), or giving little snipits on my other passion – two-wheeled therapy and my adventures through that or just my weird and wacky sense of humour that some of you have come to enjoy (?) and appreciate (yeah I know, now I’m really pushing it).

If nothing else, I am hoping to learn something about websites and how they work (sounds vaguely familiar to an online friend of mine from Texas and his humble beginnings about 3 years ago…I just hope I can achieve 1/10th of the “fame” he has gotten from his blog).

So bear with me as I jump in with both feet. Look for changes as I learn new things (and hopefully improvements from where I have started). Try and get through my rambling diatribes of things that I feel may be relevant or even important to share; and at the very least share a laugh and hopefully leave me a comment about what I have written to continue the discussion that I hope I can create here.

I will use Twitter when I have a new post, show watch my feed at @PaulDGerber and if you aren’t already following me (horror!), what are you waiting for? There is no time like to present to connect!

Until my next post…

Written by PaulDGerber

3 thoughts on “Welcome!!

  1. You will have loyal followers! Way to make the leap, Paul. One of these days, I will probably take that same jump.

  2. Welcome aboard Paul! Enjoyed meeting you on Twitter then officially at CONSTRUCT. Can’t wait to catch up again in Nashville. Thank you for sharing my blog on your site too!

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